Ritu M. Bansal



Born: 14TH Nov. 1983



  • My works speak of the ideas which I am carrying with me since I started painting. Each of my works develops gradually. I get attached emotionally with the surface and also, I am very sensitive about the results of any stroke I apply on it. I feel that my gradual process of developing a form makes it realistic and more meaningful for myself.
  • I am interested in a certain range of symbols & images. I am not rigid about the final output of my compositions and I let it grow as my relation with the forms develop.
  • My love and curiosity for symbols was further given a boost with my fascination for the pictorial language of Indus valley script. The mystery behind the script made me curious to work with it.
  • That marked a new beginning of my journey through more forms and colours. And I am still traveling through the experience of exploring it more and more.


  • Graduation in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Govt. College of Arts Chandigarh, 2004
  • Master of Fine Arts in Painting from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, 2006
  • One Year Diploma in Interior Design from INIFD, 2007


  • Mural design for Metro Rail, Silampur Station, Delhi, 2002
  • Décor for children day celebration, Bal Bhavan, Sec-15, Panchkula, 2001


  • Garhi art festival by Lalit Kala Academy, 2007
  • Cancer Hospital, Jaipur, 2004
  • Delhi College of Art, 2003
  • Delhi College of Art, 2003
  • Haryana Panchayat Bhavan, 2002
  • Govt. College for Arts, workshop by late Sh. Kanwal Nain, 2000, Sh. Ratan, 2000, Sh. R. Bhaskaran, 2002, Mrs. Kavita Nayyar, 2002


  • AIFACS, State level Competition {Haryana}, 2004
  • Regular participation in the annual art exhibition of Govt. College for Arts, 2001-2004
  • All India Adventure Sports, Chd, 1996


  • Hotel Beacons, Sec-42, Chd
  • Haryana Panchayat Bhavan, Sec-28D, Chd
  • Delhi College for Arts
  • Kalavart Nyas, Ujjain
  • Organizers, Rose Fest
  • Manav Sanket Academy, Ujjain
  • Private Collection, America and Chd


  • Show Your Hope, an international mobile exhibition, 2008
  • Indian Red, a group exhibition, Museum Art Gallery, Chd.,2008
  • Kala Maitry, Punjab University, Chd. 2008
  • Annual Exhibition, Lalit Kala Academy, Chd. 2007
  • 8th Annual Exhibition, Bama Academy, 2007
  • Kala Maitry, Punjab University, 2006
  • Samnavya Art gallery, Jaipur, 2006
  • Govt. College for Arts, 2004
  • The Final Expression, Kala Gram, 2004
  • Haryana Panchayat Bhavan, 2003
  • Annual Show of Bama Academy of Art, 2000, 2002


  • An informal solo show, Wah Dilli (a hotel in panchkula), 2002


  • Award in Professional Category(painting), Lalit Kala Akademi, Annual Show, Chd., 2008
  • An Article ‘Ritu Gupta Ka Kala Sansar’, published in a magazine ‘Sankalp’, Gaziabad, dec 2006
  • Award in the category of ‘Alternate use of tiles’, House of Jonson, 2006
  • Certificate of Appreciation, CITCO, Chd., 2005
  • N.S. Bendre Gold Award, Manav Sanket Academy, Ujjain, 2004
  • Merit Award, Lalit Kala Academy, Chd. 2004
  • Copper Medal, Manav Sanket Academy, 2004
  • Jury Honour, Kalavart Nyas 03, Ujjain
  • National Inter College Competition, Delhi, 2003


  • Organized a 15 artist show “Indian Red” at Museum Art Gallery, Chd, 2008
  • Organized a 34 artist show “CROSSING CURRENTS” at Punjab University in Oct. 2007 

Presently Working:
Presently I am working as Executive Member, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chandigarh

House No. 213 Sector 7, Panchkula Haryana