Chandigarh needs colour, chaos February 12, 2015

Publication: The Times of India

By Priyanka Kachhava

CHANDIGARH: A non-believer in the studio and gallery system, Peter Fink believes in using large spaces outside of these setups and engaging with people - through public art, architecture, landscapes and urban design. In Chandigarh for the International Art Conclave, Fink said the city, which was created as a \'brave new city\', has become a tad monotonous - with the old not making way for the new.
As a solution, he says the city should allow creativity of its young population to be visible in its make-up - with a little bit of disorder.
"The city is too ordered, which I don\'t think was the intention of its original creators. I am sure Le Corbusier would not have liked this kind of monotony. He wanted colour and life," said the artist, who spoke about his work on the second day of the Art Conclave being organized by Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi, on Wednesday.
"Take for example, the Rock Garden. Its creator (Nek Chand) has completed 90 years. I am not diminishing what he has done but now the youth should come forward. It\'s just like football - you need new players if you want to score goals," Fink said, while talking to TOI.
The London-based artist said Chandigarh should use its spaces to allow expression of the youth\'s ideas. "It has a huge potential with creatively-hungry people. The city came with no committees but just a few select people who threw in their energies to create it. That enthusiasm is no longer visible as it has failed to change. One can see that old people are living here," he added.
Fink took the example of the open square outside the Government Museum and Art Gallery, where the conclave is being organized. "This could offer a space for artists - musicians, painters, among others, and be a market for young designers to sell their goods," he added.
For young artists and creative persons, Fink believes, the excuse of not having enough money was redundant. "Even this city was created with passion - without being paid too highly. Art is just like cooking -- you can make things happen even with the most basic ingredients," he added.
Fink had visited the city 35 years ago, when he stayed at various places in Punjab and absorbed the culture through its people.


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