Art Melange February 9, 2015

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Art melange

International Art Conclave to host famous artistes from all over the worldChandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi is organising a four day International Art Conclave from February 10 to 13 in which ten artists from Finland, Germany, Sweden, UK and USA are going give audio- visual presentations about their art work. The presentations would begin daily at 5.30 pm and the venue would be the Auditorium of Government Museum and Art Gallery-10, Chandigarh. Entry to these presentations is free.
On the last day, February 13, there would be an interaction with all the participating artists.
The Participating artists are: John Ruppert from USA, Amir Khatib from Finland, Anne Bean from UK, Peter Fink from UK, Ali Najjar from Sweden, Ger AloisZwing from Germany, Avtarjeet Dhanjal from UK, Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna from Finland, Richard Cox from UK and Richard Deacon from UK.
It is all too well-known that the multi-cultural ethos of the Indian sub-continent have helped nourish the various nuances of its arts — be it languages, poetry, music, dance, theatre and the visual arts apart from architecture, the cousins, attire, the political and geographical landscape. The centuries long coexistence of these varied ethnic groups has helped create a genre of its own and enriched the art-scape with a unique fusion of ideas and existential realities. This sensitivity to diversity that is intrinsic to our cultural realities in some way makes this the perfect venue for an engagement such as the International Art Conclave.
By inviting artists from various countries to present their art here in Chandigarh we are trying to emphasise the need to share the thoughts interwoven with the skillful expressions within the scope of visual arts. Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi intends to be a platform for various emerging discourses in the arts. The rate at which the arts are becoming increasingly global, it is important to open up spaces that are inclusive of various kinds of practices that exist around the world and give those visions the benefit of new contexts that could hopefully spark new imaginations. The fact that some of these artists are born in a particular country and now live and practice their art in another, is helpful in understanding or appreciating what they carry from the lands where they spent their childhood in and how they develop their idiom in a different culture.


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