Cinema and Art Festival: Film Screenings March 22, 2014

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Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi invites you to 3 Day Cinema and Art Festival. On 21st March, The screening of selected films by Internationally acclaimed film director Amit Dutta, Followed by a discussion between Prof. Suresh Chabria and Amit Dutta. About the Films: Future of Cinema: 90 sec - 2013 A short film about cinema and the interrelationship of Arts. Kramasha: - 22 min (2007) A small Indian village, a house, early morning; a family is sleeping. The boy is sleeping next to the window. He is asleep, yet awake. Aadmi Ki Aurat Aur Anya Kahaniya(The Man\'s Woman and Other Stories): (70 Min) (2009) Amit Dutta\'s \'Aadmi ki Aurat aur anya kahaniyan\' is an Avant-Garde film rooted in folk tales that attempts to reinvent the relationship between cinema and the literary narration beyond the conventional form. The film, based on stories by Vinod Kumar Shukla and Sadat Hasan Manto, consists of a series of tales of paranoia, displacement and alienation, a probing into the complex nature of relationship between a man and a woman, of the internal world of lonely men in relation to their environment. On the screen each story is told by a narrator or in voice-over as internal monologues backed by strong visuals. Amit is not only a raconteur but also a painter of still life-s on the celluloid. His shot compositions are as beautiful as suggestive. In Ped Par Kamra (Room on a Tree), the first story is reflection of modern\'s man\'s relationship with Nature. In the second story, Aadmi Ki Aurat (Man\'s Woman), it\'s the relationship of the man with his wife which gets transformed from possession to mutual love. In the third story, Sau Kendal power ka bulb (100 Watt Bulb) woman is equated to a commodity, a machine among the machines. How does she achieve her deliverance? The film is essentially a visual book that creates nostalgia for storytelling itself. There is very little dialogue and all the text of the short stories is conveyed on the screen sharply via subtext and idiosyncratic absurdities of the characters. The film is a technical marvel as well with great cinematography, lighting and use of cinematic angles


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