Remembering Tyeb Mehta - July 6, 2009

Remembering Tyeb Mehta - July 6, 2009

A condolence meeting in the memory of great Indian Artist Tyeb Mehta, who passed away a few days earlier, was held by Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi at its office in Sector 34 State Library this morning.

Addressing a gathering consisting of audience from various walks of life Diwan Manna, Chairman Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi, said, India had lost one of the most significant artists who made history not only by being the most expensive in terms of currency value but also by being the true representative of the aspirations and expectations of Independent India and its people with the judicious mix of mythology, modernity and modern techniques. He mentioned his distinct contribution to the contemporary Indian Art scene and the special place he occupies in the art history of India as he was one of that rare group of artists who had seen the times of pre independence struggle for freedom (Ghulami), an expectant, enthusiastic, jubilant independent India with complete freedom of expression and the pre and post liberalization periods and its effects on the art and its value in ordinary citizen’s life.

He said Tyeb Mehta was an example of how a true artist could stay unaffected by the admiration, hype and success and an inspiration to many generations of artists.

Viren Tanwar, and Ravinder Sharma spoke about their personal encounters with the artist and the respect they have for his art. Viren shared with audience the moments he spent with him when Tyeb came to his exhibition many years back in Mumbai and gave a pat on his shoulder without uttering a word. Dr. Rajinder Bhandari, vice Chairman of CLKA discussed the artistic, technical and thematic aspects of Tyeb Mehta’s art and its significance in Indian and world art scene replica handbags.

Most speakers mentioned about the simplicity, dedication, commitment and unobtrusive personality of the Tyeb Mehta canvas briefcase.

Prof. B. N. Goswamy sent his condolences by telephonic message as he could not make it due to some unavoidable reasons. He had a long association with Tyeb Mehta.

Nirupama Datt was supposed to speak about the Art and Times of Mr. Mehta but could not make it due to sudden illness prada replica handbags.

Diwan Manna concluded by saying that Chandigarh would always have a special bond with Tyeb as it has one of the priceless art works of Tyeb Mehta in the collection of Panjab University Fine Arts Museum fendi replica handbags.

Prof Jodh Singh, Zulfiqar Khan, Madhav Kaushik, secretary Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi, S Raj Kumar, Ishwar Dayal, Mahesh Prajapati, Ritu Bansal and Sanjay Kumar along with many young and established names of the visual, literary and theatre world were present to pay tribute to Tyeb Mehta burberry replica handbags.

The meeting concluded with a minute’s silence to pay respect to the departed soul.

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